John Train has written over 400 columns and articles for The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, American Spectator, Harvard, Magazine, Forbes, Town and Country, Le Matin (Paris), Strategic Review and others. His books include:

Books on Investing & Finance

Money Masters of Our Time
The Craft of Investing
The New Money Masters
The Money Masters
Dance of the Money Bees
The Midas Touch: The Investment Genius of Warren Buffet
Preserving Capital and Making it Grow
Investing and Managing Trusts (with Thomas A. Melfe)
Famous Financial Fiascos

Illustrated Books

The Olive – Tree of Civilization
Comfort me with Apples
The Orange: Golden Joy
Animals and Us: A Very Special Relationship
Oriental Rug Symbols: The Figure in the Carpet

Wit & Humor

Crazy Quilt
Valsalva’s Maneuver
Remarkable Names of Real People
Even More Remarkable Names
Remarkable Relatives
True Remarkable Occurrences
Remarkable Words With Astonishing Origins
The Unruly Monkey: Reflections on Life, Love, Art, Money

Foreign Language Titles

Les Nouveaux Maitres de l’Argent
Die Formeln der Erfolgreichsten!: Band 1
Die Formeln der Erfolgreichsten 2